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Who is Denkit Hobbies

We are passionate about the products we sell and you will find in store a big variety of products. We started in Margate in 1984. In the beginning we stocked all kinds of hobbies and started very small in radio control. Soon we made up our mind that Toys for Big Boys is what we must concentrate on. We have over the years made many hearts happy with their purchase.

Our eldest son, Dean Steenmans worked holidays in our hobby shop and after finishing school. Dean is based at our Shelly Beach Branch and handles our on-line store for us. We do daily website or WhatsApp orders and our on-line store is growing daily. If you are not comfortable ordering online, contact us via WhatsApp 082 946 2294 or e-mail: hobbies@denkit.co.za and we will send you pictures and take it from there.

We are known for our very attractive window displays, variety of products we stock and our service on the radio control models we sell. We can only thank our loyal customers for making this possible. This is definitely the shop for TOYS FOR BIG BOYS! We do daily country wide deliveries and our on-line store is growing daily.

We have been actively involved in radio control car racing nationally and internationally. In 2002, S.A. hosted the World Championships for Electric Off-Road Racing in Pretoria of which Dennis (Race Director) and Kitty(Race Control) were the organisers. Dean, still a scholar that time was the best South African performer at those worlds by finishing in 16th position. Since then he attended quite a few world championships in different disciplines all over the world.

We race on a monthly basis at Douglas Mitchell Racing Club in Uvongo, where we have an On-Road and Off-Road facility. You can hire a daily, monthly permit or join as a member to use the facilities while on holiday.

Dean always had a passion from a very young age for radio control models. Dean started to race at the age of 4 ½ years and was showing his Dad the way around a track at the age of six. He won his first national event in 1991 at the age of seven and continued racing until 2013, he has been a multiple S.A. Champion in different disciplines and raced at 8 World Championships. Family responsibilities and the fact that we have to be open seven days a week is a big influence on his racing the last few years. He also excels in RC flying and has competed at two Fun Fly Nationals. Our staff members are also passionate and take part in racing and flying. Quite a few of our club and staff members have received Protea colours and Provincial colours for RC Racing.

Dennis and Dean are both SAMAA (South African Model Aircraft Association) instructors and many learned to fly under their skilled training. Dennis is also an accredited SAMAA Judge. Dennis and Kitty are very active at the South Coast RC Flying Club (SCARF).

We always try to spread our range to give the customer a choice to fulfil their dreams. We do have a vast variety to satisfy the hobbyist, and the person that is just looking for something to keep them occupied. It does not only satisfy the creativity in you, but also satisfy need for speed, flying satisfaction and a collector’s dream. We do specialise in Radio Control cars, planes, helicopters, quad copters, boats and motorbikes. and keep the spare parts and do repair on the makes we sell. We do have a large variety in Diecast, Plastic and Wooden models. Another addition is 3D Puzzles, where the finished product can be displayed. We also stock the working wooden 3D models that are workable models as well as the metal earth 3D range. We do stock all the paint, glues, wood, model accessories and tools to ensure a complete package. We also do a range in the Bruder Toys, quality toys made in Germany for the 10 year and younger. We do stock a range on Train sets and accessories as well as Slot car sets and accessories. We also specialize in CO2 handguns, Pellet Rifles, Paint ball guns, Catapults with all the accessories as well as a big range on Kites. We got specialty items, like Steam models.

DENKIT HOBBIES established in 1984 in Margate

Sharks Rugby
Tee Truck

Denkit Hobbies started the Tee truck for the Sharks at the Shark tank in 1997 with Dean Steenmans being the driver at age 13. The first game we ever did for the Sharks was the start of Super 12 against the Otago Highlanders. The Sharks went on to beat the Highlanders 75-43 and Sharks fullback Gavin Lawless on debut  scored four tries, nine conversions and four penalties – still the record for the most points scored by a single player in a Vodacom Super Rugby match to date. Article can be viewed on Gavin Lawless and Dean Steenmans.

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