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We highlight the main characteristics of the 2 mm external diameter Micro Pipe Bender, made of high-quality photo-etched and brass, and belonging to the Collection Micro Tools, it lets you build your models in the most appropriate way. The pipe bender is ideal for working comfortably and easily with cylindrical parts of scale models and crafts.

If the modeler bends a tube directly, it is clamped and does not bend, thus blinding the interior and leaving a fold that prevents any object from passing through the tube. With the fantastic Micro Pipe Bender, you can bend them and give them a curved shape, so that the interior is free, not hindered for the passage of any object that is introduced.

A magnificent example of its usefulness is that it allows you to replace the wires that hold the lanterns of naval models and run the wires through the tube, so you can light those lanterns.

This tool for modelling and crafts can be hung for a better organization of your modelling workshop.

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