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Aqua Color Clean, 100ml:
The effective solution for cleaning dried paint

Revell Aqua Color Clean is the perfect product for cleaning paint that has already dried on your model building, hobby or DIY projects. This powerful cleaning solution in a convenient 100ml bottle helps you remove paint residue from brushes, tools and surfaces, keeping your materials in perfect condition.

Aqua Color Clean offers numerous benefits:
– Effective cleaning: The powerful formula removes even stubborn, dried paint from a variety of surfaces and materials.
– Very versatile: Aqua Color Clean is suitable for use in both model making and DIY projects and proves to be an indispensable tool in your workshop.
– Gentle and safe: The cleaning solution has been specially developed to remove paint without damaging the treated surfaces or materials.

How to use Aqua Color Clean:
– Pour a sufficient amount of Aqua Color Clean onto a cloth or directly onto the surface to be cleaned.
– Rub gently to remove dried paint. If necessary, repeat the process until all paint residues are removed.
– Clean the treated materials or tools with water afterwards to remove any residue of the cleaning solution.

With Revell Aqua Color Clean, you always have an effective cleaning agent at hand to help you keep your work materials and projects clean and free of paint residue.

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