Complexity of assembly: 2 level
Assembly time: 2.5 hour
Quantity of parts: 365 wooden kits
Materials: High-quality plywood; no glue or cutting required.
Model size, l*w*h: 4.5*2.6*2.5 in, 6.6*2.8*2.2 in, 5.2*2.3*2.8 in, 6.3*2.6*2.3 in (115*68*65 mm, 170*72*58 mm, 134*60*73 mm, 160*68*72 mm)

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The set of cars includes our favorite wooden model kits: a Safari car, a Cabriolet, an ATV and a Jeep.
One set – four cars, you can assemble and play with it with all your family.
Also, the Set of Cars can be an excellent gift for fans of all types of vehicles.
But if you don’t want to share this with someone, you don’t have to. This wooden mechanical model kit will be only yours and only for you.
Four cars only for you 🙂

  • The model kit comes with clear, simple and very detailed instruction with illustrations.
  • Wood Trick models are made from safe and environmentally friendly wood from all-natural trees without any added toxins or glues.
  • Even children can play with WoodTrick 3D wooden puzzles, although we recommend parental supervision.
  • Every Wood Trick model:
    • enhances creative thinking skills,
    • promotes critical thinking skills,
    • develops problem-solving and reasoning skills.




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