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The Bipedal Walking Robot is a new addition to the Educational Construction Series. Walking Robot moves by transferring its weight. When the weight transfer unit, which is composed of a gearbox and battery case, moves right, and left, the model rocks and its legs move forward.
• Length: 85mm, width: 132mm, height: 107mm (138mm with guide rod attached)
• Weight: approximately 138g (including batteries).
• Two separately sold AAA batteries are required. Continuous running time: about 2 hours.
• Gear ratio: 114.7:1. Includes low rpm type 130 motor.
• Speed: about 4.8cm/s (170m/h) (The model moves 1m in about 20 seconds.)
• Running on even surfaces is recommended.
• Features light gray plastic parts.
• The legs and plastic slides have holes to attach parts such as universal shafts, arms, and your original parts by tapping screws. Enjoy changing its appearance!
• Easy snap-fit/screw-together assembly.
• Challenge level: 3 (5 is the highest.). Approximate assembly time: 120 – 180 minutes.

Robot Movement
• Crank rotation is converted into reciprocating motion by the slider.
• Adjusting gearbox attachment angle and limiter alters the model direction.
• Gearbox attachment angle is adjustable to three directions (right, middle, left), and it can be changed even after assembly. (If gearbox is moved to left, the model turns right.)
• The legs have limiters to limit model lean. When the limiter is down, the body lean is decreased, and stride length becomes shorter.
• Attaching guide rod redirects the model if it hits an obstacle.
• Making the model hold things such as an AAA battery (approx. 11g) changes its center of gravity, which lets the model turn.

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