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About the Crusader Mk.III Anti-Aircraft Tank Mk.III

Although replaced on the front lines by more capable tanks, the British Crusader cruiser tank was still useful in other roles. The Crusader Mk.III was used as a base to meet a requirement for a mobile anti-aircraft gun, resulting in the Crusader AA Mk.I, which featured a Bofors 40mm cannon mounted in an open topped turret. To better counter low-flying aircraft, the Crusader AA Mk.II armed with two 20mm Oerlikon cannons was developed, which was slightly modified to result in the Mk.III, which moved the radio to the hull to free up space in the gun turret. A total of about 600 AA Mk.II/Mk.III were produced and they served in Europe from Normandy onwards.

About the Model:

– 1/48 scale assembly kit of the British Crusader Anti-Aircraft Tank Mk.III.
– A thorough study of the actual tank has resulted in accurately reproduced features such as brand new molded parts for additional armor and side skirts.
– Unique open turret features 20mm cannons, ammunition drums, and other internal details.
– Die-cast chassis gives an added sense of volume for enhanced realism.
– Easy to assemble tracks feature one-piece straight sections with realistic sag effect.
– 2 types of markings included.

Suggested Paint Colors

TS-2 – Dark Green
X-10 – Gun Metal
X-11 – Chrome Silver
X-18 – Semi Gloss Black
XF-1 – Flat Black
XF-15 – Flat Flesh
XF-2 – Flat White
XF-49 – Khaki
XF-52 – Flat Earth
XF-56 – Metallic Grey
XF-57 – Buff
XF-61 – Dark Green
XF-64 – Red Brown

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