Needed to Complete:
  • Assembly
  • Hobby knife
  • Plastic model glue
  • Paint

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The I-400 was constructed as a submergible aircraft carrier the like the world had never seen and was able to launch three Seiran aircraft. With an overall length of 122m, width of 12m, and a submerged 6560-ton placement, the size was comparable to a destroyer class warship and was the world’s largest submarine at the time. In addition, it had the ability to circumnavigate the world one and a half times without needing to refuel or restock. It was possible for the I-400 to make surprise attacks at both the U.S. East Coast and the Allied held Panama Canal. Construction of the I-400 was completed near the end of WWII in December 1944. It was on its way with the second submarine in its class the I-401 to take on the U.S. Naval base at Ulithi, however like the I-400, however both submarines never had the opportunity to see action due to the ending of the war. It is said that due to its superior design, the I-400 is the predecessor to modern day strategic nuclear missile submarines.

About the Model
This is a 1/350 plastic assembly model kit of the Japanese Navy Submarine I-400.
★Length: 348.5mm. Parts such as the large hangar tube of this huge submarine have all been accurately reproduced in detail.
★Transparent parts are included in the set allowing you to easily see the three-hangar stored Seiran aircraft.
★For added realism, photo-etched parts are included to depict the crane arm, aft antenna support, Seiran propellers as well as handrails. A guide sticker sheet for handrail installation is also included.
★The kit also comes with four metal torpedoes. Transparent parts for the Seiran canopy add greater realism to the model.
★Forty-eight 1/350 scale figures are included to spice up the model.

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