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This kit provides parts for wheeled remote control robot. Twin-motor gearbox, crank-axle gearbox, remote control box, ball caster, tires, universal arm (170mm x 8pcs.), universal plate (160 x 60mm), 3mm push rivet (10mm & 8mm length x 24pcs.), and other required parts are included. Clear smoke colored remote control box has 4 channnels and enables control of 4 different movements by adding separately available gearboxes.

Constrution Example: Arm Type
This robot can grab onto and lift objects. The robot can grab and lift objects that are within robot’s maximum arm extension width. Adding adhesive material onto grips enables the robot to handle round objects.

Constrution Example: Shovel Type
Crank arm moves the shovel. This robot can scoop up, lift, and drop multiple objects at one time.

Constrution Example: Bucket Type
Crank revolution is transformed into bucket opening/closing actions via the combination of long arms. This robot is good at picking objects isolated by walls.

Competition example for remote control robots
Carry ping-pong balls from the box located in the center of the court to your goal box and contend for the number of ping-pong balls.

Robot regulation

Should use a cabled remote control robot with a power source up to 3V and channels up to 4.
Size should be 300mm on every side. Weight is not limited.

Court regulation

Court size should be 900x1800mm and surrounded with 100mm high walls to prevent balls from falling. The center box and goal boxes should be surrounded with 30mm high walls.
Start lines are to be drawn at a point 300mm away from the front of the goal boxes.


Put 50 ping-pong balls in the center box.
Contenders put their robots inside of own goal zone. Robots must not cross or stradle the start line.
Competition lasts 3 minutes and the robot that carried more balls to its own goal box wins. If the score is even, a 1-minute extra game will be held.
During competition, contenders can move anywhere in the court. Snatching balls from opponents is also permitted.
In case of robot collapse or malfunction, contenders can move their robot manually for recovery. Contenders must put their robot to the position mentioned in 2 for restart.
Intentional damaging of opponent’s robot is prohibitted.

This kit contains parts for one model.
Images show construction examples. Your imagination is the limit!
This kit requires two R20/D/UM1 size batteries for remote control box (not included).

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