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The Supermarine Walrus was a British single engine amphibious biplane reconnaissance aircraft, designed by R.J. Mitchell who was also responsible for the illustrious Spitfire. The aircraft first flew on the 21st June 1933. Operated by the Fleet Air Arm, it also served with the Royal Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force as well as the Royal New Zealand Navy.

The Walrus was the first British squadron service aircraft to incorporate a fully retractable undercarriage, completely enclosed crew accommodation and an all metal fuselage. Designed for use as a fleet spotter to be catapulted from battleships or cruisers, the Walrus was later employed in a variety of roles most notably as a rescue aircraft for downed aircrew and even as a whale spotter. It continued in service throughout the Second World War. A total of 740 aircraft were built between 1936 and 1944. Its ‘vital statistics’ comprise a Length of          37ft 7ins, Wingspan 45ft 10ins, Height                15ft 3ins and with a maximum speed of 135mph and a range of 600 miles. The cabin had capacity for three to four persons.

Our new 1:72 scale replica is based on an aircraft flown by the Royal Australian Air Force and which can be seen on display at the RAF Museum in Hendon, North London. Decorated in two tone camouflage grey with grey underside, the model contains bomb racks under the lower wings.  Additional armaments include a forward facing gun on the front of the aircraft as well as a rear facing gun in position in the compartment behind the upper wings.

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