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Length: 238mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Pilot the T-34-85!
This assembly kit creates an R/C model of the T-34-85 tank in 1/35 scale. When it is assembled, you will be able to take charge of a full range of motion: forward, reverse and various turns, not to mention turret rotation and gun elevation. Movement is coordinated by the MC-07 unit, which is based in the front of the model, with pre-assembled turret rotation and gun elevation units in the center, and the compact gearbox and motors in the rear. Equipment is linked up via easy-to-use connectors. Assembly type tracks ensure that model motion is highly realistic, in line with the excellent detail provided by the hull, which is shared with our static model series. Why not paint and weather your model for an even more authentic look?


About the T-34-85
German units came up against a formidable foe in the Red Army’s T-34-76 after their invasion in 1941; their response was the development of more formidable armor of their own: the Tiger and Panther. This in turn prompted Russian development of a more powerful tank, the T-34-85. Fitted with an intimidating 85mm gun and with excellent survivability thanks to the sloped armor on its 3-crew cast turret, this lightweight tank had a 500hp V12 diesel engine for exemplary maneuverability. Around 25,000 were manufactured between 1944 and 1946, playing an important role in the Soviet march on Berlin in WWII and also seeing service in the Korean War.



?Use Control Stick 2 on the transmitter to take control of your tank’s turret rotation!

?Elevation of the feared 85mm gun is also controlled using Control Stick 2 on the transmitter.

?The running gearbox is in the rear, with central, pre-assembled turret and gun motion units.


?Snap-together links are used to build up the assembly type tracks included in this kit.

?Note the realistic ‘sag’ on the tracks in this image. Track tension can be adjusted manually.

?Shared with our static 1/35 model, the turret has its rough cast surface accurately depicted.


?The refined form of this formidable piece of armor is accurately captured in 1/35 scale.

?Decals are included in the kit to create six marking options, with one from the Korean War.

?The dedicated stick-type transmitter allows control of turret and gun, as well as the tank itself.


?Length: 238mm ?Width: 88mm ?Height: 78mm ?Dedicated R/C control unit included ?2 running motors and 1 motor each for turret rotation and gun elevation included


Separately Required Items
?4x alkaline R03/AAA/UM4 batteries for control unit/model ?4x alkaline R03/AAA/UM4 batteries for transmitter

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