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About the J1N1-Sa Night Fighter Gekko

Originally designed as a long-range fighter, the three-seat twin-engine Nakajima J1N1 was designated as a reconnaissance aircraft after failing testing. Following being successfully used as a night fighter against US bombers, official production began in 1943 on a night fighter version, the J1N1-S Gekko (moonlight). Modifications included removing third seat, adding twin-mounted 20mm guns behind cockpit canopy angled up at 30 degrees and underneath fuselage angled down at 30 degrees. The Gekko proved successful against B-17 and B-24 bombers, and continued to fight until the end of WWII. The later version, the J1N1-Sa, featured singular exhaust stacks and three 20mm canons mounted in upper fuselage with lower guns removed. Some later Gekko models also featured an antenna and radar system mounted on the nose.

About the Model:

– Overall length: 263mm
– Rear fuselage adapted for three guns accurately reproduced.
– Gun hatch can be assembled as opened or closed, allowing display of gun parts.
– Includes parts to produce with or without antenna.
– Singular exhaust stacks reproduced to perfection.
– Canopy can be assembled as opened or closed, allowing display of intricately detailed cockpit interior and equipment.
– Comes with two full-figures and includes decal markings for three planes.

Suggested Paint Colors

AS-1 – Dark Green (IJN)
X-10 – Gun Metal
X-11 – Chrome Silver
X-13 – Metallic Blue
X-18 – Semi Gloss Black
X-25 – Clear Green
X-27 – Clear Red
X-31 – Titanium Gold
X-32 – Titanium Silver
X-7 – Red
XF-1 – Flat Black
XF-10 – Flat Brown
XF-12 – J.N. Grey
XF-15 – Flat Flesh
XF-19 – Sky Grey
XF-2 – Flat White
XF-28 – Dark Copper
XF-52 – Flat Earth
XF-56 – Metallic Grey
XF-58 – Olive Green
XF-64 – Red Brown
XF-71 – Cockpit Green   

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