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During WWII, anti-tank rifles were used by Russian infantry to counter German tanks. One such rifle was the “ProtivoTankovoye Ruzhyo Degtyaryova” otherwise known as the “PTRD”. The single shot PTRD fired a 14.5mm shell and had an effective range up to 800m. PTRD teams often hid amongst destroyed buildings waiting to knock out its next victim.

Specifications & Features:

– Set includes a total of 5 figures. A shooter and spotter for the PTRD, a soldier holding a hand grenade, and a loader and shooter for the included Maxim heavy machine gun.
– These figures all feature natural poses and realistic proportions.
– The uniforms depict those worn from 1943 to the end of the war.
– A block from a destroyed building has been modeled and included in the set.
– Rucksacks, helmets, and small firearms included.
– Parts are included to depict the PTRD rifles in deployed and transit states
– PTRD rifle and the Maxim heavy machine gun are newly designed by Tamiya.

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