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A Must Have For Any True Modeler

Do you have to strain your eyes when you are working on that fine detailing? Do you always have a messy work area and need more space to work with? Do you want a compact workbench that can be easily carried anywhere you go? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Tamiya has the perfect product for you, the Tamiya Work Stand With Magnifying Lens! Featuring a large acrylic magnifying lens with 2X magnification, you will be seeing all that small detailing so much clearer, making it easy to work long hours on your favorite model. To make sure you always have perfect lighting in the place where you need it most, 6 white Light Emitting Diode lamps are installed just behind the magnifying lens. Powered by 4 D batteries you will have more than 150 hours of perfect white light. The lens and light are mounted on a handy adjustable arm which is connected to the work base, a work space specially designed for Tamiya modellers. Some of the handy functions featured include a frame on the base designed to perfectly fit Tamiya’s A4 size Cutting Mat, 5 clip holders on both left and right sides, a decal tray to be filled with water and used when applying decals, a back board to prevent parts from flying off when cutting away from sprues, 4 bottle holders that are specially designed to fit Tamiya cement, acrylic paint and enamel paint bottles, 3 paint brush holders and a handy carry grip for easy mobility.

Not Just For Modelers!
Although specially designed for Tamiya modelers, this handy work place is perfect for any type of fine work requiring good light and clear vision. From all types of arts and crafts such as carving, painting, embroidery and beading to handy everyday uses, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Power Your Workstation
Although you may power your workstation with 4 D batteries for up to 150 hours, you may want to plug it into to AC power.

If you are in need for a AC adapter to power your workstation, please visit your local electronics store for a 6VDC 800mA AC/DC converter. Most of these units are supplied with multiple size plugs and one will fit the socket on your workstation.

**Please Note: use the diagram on your workstation which is seen below to setup correct Polarity. Using the wrong polarity could damage workstation/adapter and could cause fire.


– Large magnifying lens (15x10cm) to make working on small parts easy.
– Two adjustable arms to move lens to best position.
– 6 white Light Emitting Diode lights for extra lighting.
– Light Emitting Diode lights require batteries or adaptor (sold separately).
– Bottle holder specially designed to fit Tamiya cement, acrylic paint and enamel paint bottles.
– Brush and clip holders.
– Handy carry grip for easy mobility.
– Overall dimensions of base: 43x36x7cm

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