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Discover the Atlantic, wooden and plastic model of this tugboat. It is a faithful replica of tugboats of the 70s and 80s in 20th century.

It was an offshore tug, it was not working at the ports, so it was prepared to withstand the most adverse weather conditions. All its structure was thought to be a stable boat in the water and very manageable, with the aim of being able to tow in open waters to large ships such as oil tankers or cruisers.

Tugs, in general, are born in the nineteenth century, navigation experienced a great revolution, the main factor being the implementation of mechanical propulsion. As a consequence, ships gradually increase their size and displacement, losing ease in maneuvering in docks and ports in the process.


Build your 1:50 scale model of the Atlantic, a classic tall tugboat. The Atlantic modeling kit contains parts of board cut by high precision laser, noble wood, gravure, brass and cast iron: it has numerous details in chemical cut (photo-etched) to be more faithful to the original ship.

Likewise, the hull of the Atlantic tugboat is made of high quality ABS so it can easily be converted into an R/C model as it is more resistant and waterproof. Without forgetting that its interior is ready for the installation of the electrical system (not included). The cannons to launch water are designed to be usable (mechanism not included).

For its assembly you can follow our complete multimedia guide with 3D renders and full color images of the step-by-step on DVD format for computers -PC and Mac-. The kit does not include printed instructions, it can be downloaded for free from the Artesania website.

Paint your model ship with its Specific Acrylic Paints Set (277PACK28), for sale separately. Illuminate the boat thanks to the pre-installation of LED lights that the modelers have created! Led Lightning Set for Scale Models and DIY Projects (27590), for sale separately.

A navy jewel of 41.73” (1,060mm) length, 23.62” (600mm) height and 9.84” (250mm) width that will delight all modelers thanks to its stability on the water, but it can also be displayed in any room with its fantastic exhibition base included in the kit.

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