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This Educational Construction Series kit can be used on the ground and in the water. It depicts the catchy motion of a duck. It’s easy to assemble and is great fun for all ages. Add this item to your collection of products from the Educational Construction series depicting animals.

• Length: 157mm, width: 83mm, height: 107mm.
• This easy-to-assemble kit features easy snap-together assembly and screw-attachment.
• Body, head, and submarine motor are made of white polyethylene, and gearbox is gray polypropylene.
• The model walks on the ground or swims in the water when the leg fins rotate together with wheels.
• The parallel linkage mechanism recreates the bobbing head motion of a duck.
• Changing rear roller and float directions allows turning on the ground and in the water.
• Speed: approx. 25cm/s (ground), approx. 6.5cm/s (water) Running time: approx. 1.5 hours
• Includes one submarine motor, and waterproof stickers for the beak and eyes.
• One AAA battery is required (sold separately).

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