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This is a new gear differential unit for use on the XV-02 and TT-02 chassis. When using it on the TT-02 chassis, it allows you to tune the differential action, for the front and rear, with the use of different viscosity oils. When using it on the XV-02, you can use it not only for the front and rear diffs, but also as a center oil-filled diff unit, which will give you even more tuning options!

When using as a center oil-filled diff unit, on the XV-02 chassis, make sure to use with Item 22050 (06 Module Spur Gear 70T).

• Differential Joints x2
• Gear Differential Ring Gear (39T) x1
• Bevel Pinion Gear (for 39T gear) x1
• Differential Case x1
• Gasket x1
• GV Gears x2
• 2.8×23.4mm Cross Shafts x2
• 2x8mm Countersunk Hex Head Screws x4
• 5mm O-Rings x2
• 5×15.2×0.2mm Shims x2
• 5x7x0.1mm Shims x2
• 3x5x0.1mm Shims x4
• 1280 Ball Bearings x2
• Silicone Oil #3000
• Compatible with XV-02 and TT-02 chassis cars.

When using on TT-02 Chassis, use items: 54623 , 51700 , 51444

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